Thursday, August 20, 2009

Golf - Hillcrest GC

It was a relatively cool morning, with storms expected later, so I headed off to Hillcrest to get in a morning 9. Overall, I did very well - the highlights are getting better and the lowlights aren't quite as dire. I was hitting everything fairly solidly and the right distance, but often off-line, leaving me with either chips or long putts on many holes. In either case, I was leaving these far from the hole, usually short, and then missing the 5-10 foot putts that resulted. But I shot my best Hillcrest round (44), and even carded a birdie, a first on this course.


  • Sank a 21-foot putt for par on #3.
  • Dropped a long 8-iron a foot from the hole for a birdie on the par-5 4th.
  • Only 2 double bogeys
  • Missed several short putts that should have been made
  • Popped up several tee shots, leaving me a long way from the green
  • Only 3 greens in regulation
  • Several 3-putts
  • Imploded on #9 to finish with a double bogey

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