Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Biking - Rexford/Crescent Loop

With the wet summer we've been having, I've come to feel obligated to make the best of any sunny dry day that comes along. So despite riding yesterday, and with no showers expected until mid-afternoon, I headed out for another ride. The plan was to ride the Rexford-Waterford loop, up and down (actually down and up) the Mohawk River, as I had done earlier this year. That seemed like it might be pushing my luck just a bit with the weather forecast, but away I went, starting at KAPL and going clockwise as usual.

When I got to US9 at Crescent, the thought of descending into Waterford and then climbing back out had lost all of its appeal. With tired legs and iffy weather coming, I bailed out, climbed US9 to the turnoff to Colonie Town Park, and headed back west along the bike path.

Instead of riding 36 miles as planned, I only rode 28, and avoided another 700-900' of climbing. By the time I reached the car, it felt like enough for today.

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