Monday, August 17, 2009

Biking - Warm Showers Escort Service

David and Ann have made good use of the Warm Showers List ( on their cross-country bike trip from their home in Tacoma, WA, to Hampton Beach, NH. They contacted me (via this list) a few days ago about the possibility of staying at my house as they passed through the Capital District. After a good experience last year with another couple, why not?

My guests arrived yesterday in the late afternoon of a very hot, humid day, having bicycled from Cooperstown, a hilly 65-70 miles away. Cold beers and showers were most welcome, as was the air conditioning struggling to keep the house cool. We had a good dinner and talked a lot about touring, and I agreed to get them to the Mohawk River Bikeway in the morning. It was simpler to ride them over to KAPL than to explain it, so I joined them this morning and got them on their way to their next stop, North Bennington, VT. Another hot, humid day was on tap, and I didn't envy them their trip as we said our good-byes and they were on their way.

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