Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Biking - Grant Hill Loop

Today provided an unexpected sunny break between two rainy spells, and with temps near 60, I needed to get out for a ride. This 23-mile loop has a little of everything - suburban traffic, country roads, and some climbing. It even has some scenery with the distant Helderbergs, the gorge at French's Hollow, and Watervliet Reservoir.

Since it starts right out of my driveway, I do this ride pretty frequently over the course of a season, but today was the first time for this year. I considered this my first "serious" ride of the year, the others being relatively flat and/or at a very casual pace. The bike performed perfectly, my legs felt strong, and the climbing went better than I expected. The regular winter hiking of the past few months probably had a lot to do with that.

The first flowers of spring were blooming along the roads and in the woods - colt's foot, trout lily, bloodroot, and even a red trillium. The lawns I passed, of course, had the year's first dandelions, adding a splash of color. Maybe spring is finally here!

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