Thursday, April 30, 2009

Biking - Burnt Hills and Charlton

Holly's hosting next week's first SWC Thursday Night Bike Ride of the season, and we needed to scout the routes for problems, like construction, dogs, missing road signs, etc. She's going to drive them before then, but today I decided to bike a couple of them and get a read on conditions from a biker's perspective. We have routes of 10, 17, and 23 miles, and I was going to check out parts of the two longer ones for a 30-40 mile ride. I rode this loop counterclockwise, starting at lower right.

Aside from a new dog that gave chase on Devil's Lane, and heavy daytime traffic on Middle Line Road, all was going well. When I reached the northernmost point, on Galway Road, my plans were changed by a sudden spritz of rain. I wasn't carrying raingear, and indeed, no rain was expected until overnight. Clouds had been lowering and the winds increasing, and expecting more rain, I headed back to the start by a more direct route than I had planned. I only got spritzed one more time, but was glad to call it a day after just 23 miles.

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