Friday, November 14, 2008

Walk - John Boyd Thacher State Park

Today dawned foggy and damp, though it was forecast to hit the low 60s again, a rarity for November. I couldn't get excited about biking in this weather, so I decided to go for a walk instead.

Thacher Park sits atop the Helderberg Escarpment, only about a half-hour's drive from home. It offers fairly level and non-muddy walking along the edge of the escarpment, and drop-dead scenery every step of the way. The fog cleared as I got closer, and it turned into a beautiful morning up there.

I last went there back in April of this year, and there are more pictures at this link. The waterfalls were running much more in earnest back then, with the snowmelt, but they were still very scenic today.

The Indian Ladder Trail is visible below Mine Lot Falls in the second photo. It's a very interesting walk below the cliffs and under the falls, but it's closed this time of year.

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