Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Walk - John Boyd Thacher State Park

Thacher Park sits atop the Helderberg Escarpment, only about a half-hour's drive from home. I tend to make a trip out there every spring, as the snow is melting, just to enjoy a nice view from up high. I parked at the Overlook area, and first walked out to the end of the promontory shown here. It's a picnic area not yet open for the season:

That cliff faces northwest, and the wind was howling up the cliff at 20-30 mph. While I was out there, I snapped this panoramic view back towards the Overlook and much of the rest of the Escarpment. The Overlook where I started is slightly left of center. As always, click on the picture for the bigger version:

Next, I headed back through the Overlook area, and continued north just a bit on the Long Path, which runs through the park. I wanted to see if the waterfalls were running with the snowmelt, and indeed they were:

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