Monday, April 21, 2008

Golf - Yet Another Bucket O' Balls

Short on time today, so I decided to see if I could continue my apparent progress at the driving range. Results were mixed. It took a while to find the groove again, and even then, I was spraying shots every which way - hooking, slicing, pulling. At least mostly I was making solid contact. I need to play with grip and stance, and find something consistent that works. I am getting a little bored with the driving range, and may need to just take a chance and try playing a round, somewhere short, wide open and uncrowded.

After the range, I tried the practice green, using 3 balls. The first putt went in from 15 feet. Then so did the second, followed by the third. Unbelievable. I spent another 15-20 minutes putting around, found I had a reasonable touch, and am not too concerned about that part of my game.

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