Monday, January 21, 2008

XC Skiing - Woodford State Park, VT

Six of us headed to Woodford State Park, east of Bennington, for a few hours of skiing. Temps in the single digits, along with a fresh "breeze", made for a very cold morning. Snow was not great - a good base, a few inches of powder, an icy crust, and then another half inch of powder. I expected the trail around the reservoir to be full of washouts, as we saw at Jockeybush Lake on Saturday, and was not really interested in attempting it. After about an hour of skiing park roads out through the campsites, we set off through the woods on a short jaunt to the reservoir. After one washout, and a fairly steep narrow drop that not all were capable of negotiating, the group split, and three of us turned around and headed back to the car, while the others continued on. Hot lunch and warmup at Prospect Mt, then drove home. We desperately need some more local snow...

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