Tuesday, January 15, 2008

XC Skiing - Featherstonehaugh State Forest

I needed to scout out the forest for this week's ADK moonlight snowshoe hike that I'm leading, in terms of snow amounts, whether the trails were swamped after this big thaw, etc. After a few inches of new snow over the past day or two, and with the forest being at higher elevation, I thought there just might be a chance it would be marginally skiiable. And that's about the best I can now say for it. While the surface was nice new snow, the original base was missing in a lot of places, and there were many wet spots to detour around, logs to step over, even one stream crossing where I had to remove the skis. But I made about an hour loop, and can say the snowshoe trip is possible, probably tomorrow evening, which promises to be clear and moonlit as of right now.

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