Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hiking - Deer Leap

Deer Leap is a ledge at the north end of the Tongue Mountain Range that overlooks Lake George. It's about a 1.6-mile walk from the northern Tongue Mountain trailhead on NY9N. Today started out sunny and clear, but as I was driving up the Northway, the clouds were thickening, and the temperature was dropping through the 20s. When I arrived at the trailhead, it was clear that snowshoes were unnecessary, with only a few inches of new snow over the heavily used trail. Many ups and downs along the top of a ridge, eastward toward the lake. The farther I went, the lower I could see the clouds hanging across the lake, and by the time I got to Deer Leap, it was snowing and the view was mostly obscured.

Given that there was no view to speak of, the wind was swirling, and snow was becoming steadier, I decided not to hang around, but to head back to the car, before the driving on NY9N got any more interesting than it might already be. Good decision. The roads were already snow-covered, so it was a longer than expected drive home, but another good day out.

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