Monday, April 22, 2013

Two kinds of golf on a pretty nice day

I couldn't for the life of me get excited about biking today, so instead, I returned to the disc golf course in Central Park where I haven't been for the past two weeks.  I've started playing the longer tees now, since I seem to have enough distance in me to do that, and my scores off the short tees have stagnated somewhat around +5-6 for the round.  I had a very good first nine, no worse than off the short tees, but crumbled on the back nine, finding water twice and ballooning my score.

This afternoon, I pulled out a golf club and went off to hit a bucket of balls at my local range.  I hardly played at all last year, or even for the past several years, so had no idea what to expect.  The usual problems are still there, but overall, I couldn't complain too much about how things went.  I haven't gotten any WORSE for the long layoff, so that's a plus.  Might be time to try a par-3 course and see how bad the rest of my game has become.

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