Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Biking - A longer loop on a beautiful day

Sunny and upper 60s!   It's about time!  I decided to celebrate by doing one of my favorite loops, clockwise along the river between the Rexford and Crescent Bridges.  It's about 27.5 miles, my longest of this season, as well as having a little more climbing overall than I've done so far.

I decided to start from the Niskayuna Train Station heading west, and get some of the climbing out of the way early.  Normally, I would start at about the 5-mile mark above, near KAPL, but that means a couple of annoying hills near the end when I'm tired.  There was also a slight westerly headwind, and by breaking the westbound section in half, I didn't have to fight it all at once.

There were lots of other bikers out today, with the best weather we've had so far, and the bike path was surprisingly busy for a weekday.  I rode today at an easy pace and just enjoyed the great weather.

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