Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Biking - A lazy 30-mile loop

Wednesday forecast:  Sunny with a high near 71.  

Well, it's about time!  And with clouds, stronger breezes, and a chance of showers late in the day, it was time this morning to get back in the saddle.  As sporadically as I've been riding, I didn't want to kill myself with a tough climbing ride.  So I fell back on a favorite, a 30-mile loop from home with no long climbs and no grade higher than 5%.  Today was more about miles on the legs and butt than about climbing.

Though there weren't any long hills, the route was lumpy enough that the total climbing came out just under 1,000 feet.  But it was spread out just enough to make it interesting.  I took it easy on this ride, relaxing and shifting a lot to always be in a comfortable gear.  No hammering, and no pushing myself up hills.  Just a nice casual ride on a beautiful day.  It felt good.

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