Thursday, April 25, 2013

Looking for spring in the Sanders Preserve

Today was much cooler and breezier than yesterday, so I passed on biking again and got out for another walk.  I've been hitting lots of different local preserves this spring looking for early wildflowers, and today, decided to try the Sanders Preserve in nearby Glenville.

My first discovery gave me hope for the rest of this outing, a nice patch of bloodroot just opening right next to the trail.

But after that, I saw nothing at all, except the usual early leaves of trout lily and a very few budding trillium.  I was about to give up, when the colors of a few small patches of hepatica really jumped out from the surrounding brown leaves.  Every shade from white to violet was represented in a few square yards of ground.

It was surprising not to see more here, with the usual wet ground and recent warmer temperatures.  But finally things are beginning to pop, so I'll have to revisit some favorite spots in the weeks ahead.

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