Monday, February 25, 2013

XC Skiing - Rockwood State Forest

Tomorrow is the ECOS weekly XC ski outing, and I've agreed to lead it.  So, with the only known nearby skiable snow at Rockwood State Forest, I headed back today to make sure that the weekend weather and walkers hadn't trashed the skiing.

Started skiing at 9:30am, temp 34 after a low in the mid-20s, so much like tomorrow will be.  There's plenty of snow, a little crunchy but not icy, and much better than when ECOS was last there on snowshoes a couple of weeks ago.  The ski tracks were mostly intact everywhere I went.  Definitely skiable, though the conditions are nowhere near as good as Holly and I found there last week.

I stayed off the big hills, which I think would be a little too exciting with this snow, but there's enough terrain there that we'll be able to do loops and out-and-backs without hitting anything too threatening.  It may be the only "nearby" skiing choice at this point.

So, tomorrow, we'll go back and do it again, before the bottom really falls out on Tuesday night and Wednesday, with all kinds of mixed precipitation falling from the sky.

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