Sunday, February 10, 2013

XC Skiing - Return to the Pine Bush

Great skiing only 15 minutes from my house.  This is what winter is supposed to be like!  After a great outing on the Great Dune trails yesterday with Holly, I returned there alone today to ski some of the other loops we'd missed.

Yesterday, we had skied the red and blue loops shown above.  Today I skied the outer yellow loop, and took a side trip to another connected loop near the Woodlake complex at the end of Madison Avenue Extension.

The trails were a little more beat up than yesterday, but the snow was still very nice.  The yellow loop had seen less walker traffic than some of the other trails.

On the outer yellow loop
Tomorrow, unfortunately, it looks like this all goes to hell, with all kinds of winter mixed precipitation falling from the sky.  If we don't lose this paltry snow altogether, it will certainly be a lot different from the perfect stuff of the last two days.

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