Tuesday, February 26, 2013

XC Skiing - Return to the amazing Rockwood State Forest

After I made a scouting trip to Rockwood State Forest yesterday, the decision was made for the ECOS weekly XC ski outing to return there today.  It was slightly warmer yesterday morning when I was there, so the snow today was a little crunchier and faster than yesterday.  Despite that, we managed to avoid most of the really steep hills and spent a couple of hours on flatter terrain, and occasionally testing our downhill skills on some easier slopes. 

We had to do some out-and-back skiing on some trails to keep it safe for everybody, but skiing is skiing, and it's been a scarce commodity this winter. 

Rockwood continues to surprise and delight us.  With almost no snow in Johnstown just a few miles away, the additional elevation here seems to make all the difference.  And from what we saw today, it will be here for quite a while longer.

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