Saturday, February 9, 2013

XC Skiing - Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Well, "Winter Storm Nemo" didn't do us any favors around here, dropping a measly 6" of new snow over the existing bare ground.  That's not enough to cover the rocks and roots in most local preserves, but the Pine Bush, with its miles of old smooth sand roads, might just be a good place to try.  So Holly and I headed over to the end of Willow Street in Guilderland to check it out.

There were plenty of other skiers and snowshoers out today enjoying the new snow, and the skiing was about as good as it gets around here.  We skied a big clockwise loop using the red and blue trails, roughly 3 miles, with some interesting ups and downs, especially on the blue trail.  The only place where the snow seemed a little thin was just west of the stream crossing on the red trail, an uphill for us, and definitely a better idea that way, with a few rocks and stumps showing through.

Monday looks like a sleet/freezing rain/rain day, with temps in the low 40s, so best to get out and enjoy this snow now.  I may even be going back tomorrow.

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