Monday, December 3, 2012

Hiking and trail work - Hennig Preserve and Homestead County Forest

Today, I joined a group of volunteers who've been meeting regularly to open up some new trails in the Hennig Preserve, in nearby Providence, and the adjacent Homestead County Forest.  Today's project involved exposing the ruins of an old sawmill on Cadman Creek, which runs through the county property adjacent to one of the new trails.  With 10-12 people hacking and sawing away, we got a lot of work done, and the before/after difference at the site was striking.  I wish I had taken photos to document that difference, but was just having too much fun to even think of doing that.  I bailed out early to go help Holly cut a Christmas tree, which seemed like a continuation of the previous work.  On a mild December day, it was just a great day to be outside.

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