Friday, December 7, 2012

Disc golf - A new course nearby!

I've been hearing rumors lately about a new disc golf course being planned for Blatnick Park in nearby Niskayuna, so I checked out the forums on, the web site of the local disc golf organization.  Sure enough, it's currently being built, so I found a map of the current status of this course-in-progress, and went to take a look.

The first tee is near the driving range, behind the town's transfer station.  The tees only have temporary markers at this point, and the baskets aren't up yet (going up tomorrow, 12/8!), so a 5-gallon paint pail overturned on a post marks the basket locations.  There are currently 11 of these posts, with the ultimate goal being an 18-hole course.

It was windy today, and this course is mostly wide open to those winds, so it was a bit challenging to keep the discs flying where I wanted them.  I was actually happy to see this openness, as opposed to the Central Park course, because it gave me a chance to just let it rip and see the behavior of different discs, in terms of distance and direction. 

This will be a fun course to play when it's completed, and another place to get out for a little nearby variety.  Kudos to the Town of Niskayuna and Discap for getting this course up and running.

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  1. The town gave us the go ahead late last year to finish designing the 18 hole course at Blatnick Park. Stay tuned to for details.