Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Disc golf and biking - A 2-outing December day

Today was an even warmer day than yesterday, and another good day to get out and do something.  This morning, I headed over to Central Park for a couple of rounds of disc golf.  The first round started out great, with a very respectable 29 (+1) on the front nine.  Then the winds arrived, and control and accuracy went out the window.  The back nine was a dismal 39 (+11), my worst nine in recent memory.  The second round was at least more balanced, but not in a particularly good way, with a 31-36-67.  But it was a pleasant stroll in the park anyway, so it's all good.

This afternoon, Holly and I got out for a short bike ride on the Niskayuna and Colonie sections of the Mohawk River Bikeway.  The winds here were a little swirly but not bad, and there were lots of others out enjoying this nice December day.

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