Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walk - Limping along the Lisha Kill

I had originally planned to bike today, but the weather changed from the forecast of sunny and 60s to the reality of cloudy and 50s, and I just couldn't get inspired.  I puttered around all morning waiting for some afternoon improvement that never came, and finally decided to get out for a walk instead.  My knee is still a little tender from some unknown incident over the weekend, so I opted for the Lisha Kill Preserve, nearby and with a couple of miles of varied terrain to see how things were progressing.  I wasn't actually limping, just a little uncomfortable and tentative, and slower than usual.  There weren't a lot of flowers to be seen, so this was just a slow casual stroll among the big trees.  I could probably do OK hiking with some ibuprofen and an elastic knee brace, but will hope for some improvement over the next week before I volunteer to help out with the Taconic Hiking Club's biennial End-To-End hike of the Taconic Crest Trail.

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