Sunday, May 6, 2012

Biking - Albany Bike Expo 2012

Today was the second annual Albany Bike Expo, in Washington Park.  It was organized and sponsored by Albany Bicycling Coalition and New York Bicycling Coalition, both headquartered in Albany.  It would have seemed silly to drive to such an event, so being the biker that I am, I decided to bike over there and check it out.  I used to commute by bike to Albany during the last few years I was working there, so already had a familiar route picked out.

The event was held at the Washington Park Lake House and the surrounding area, and included many vendor tables as well as ABC, NYBC, and other local bike advocacy organizations.  I don't usually spend a lot of time browsing at these sorts of things, but it was heartening to see how much this event has grown since last year.  Kudos to all who pulled this together!

Photo by Bert Schou

I arrived in time for a short 8-mile guided ride around various parts of Albany to look at some of the new bike amenities that have recent been installed.  There are bike lanes, sharrows, and signage designed to make bicycling easier and safer on some streets in the city.  There need to be more of these, and they really need to be added to some Schenectady streets as well.

After that guided ride, and chatting with a few friends there, I turned for home, winding up with about 38 miles on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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