Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Biking on a very iffy weather day

My friend Phil was in town from Long Island for a few days, and we wanted to get out for a ride, the only available days being Wednesday and Thursday.  Today's weather appeared to be headed for low 70s and a minimal chance of showers, with bigger winds on Thursday, so we planned on getting out today.  The radar was clear as I prepared to leave, and called Phil to tell him it was a "go".  Then, as I was actually leaving the house, the drizzle started, and continued off and on all the way to Saratoga where we were meeting.  Damn.

When Phil arrived, we decided that since the drizzle was only sporadic and it wasn't actually raining, and since we'd both driven a ways to meet there, we'd at least give it a try.  The weather steadily improved as we biked along back roads in southern Saratoga County, and we even had to shed some layers as we stopped for ice cream at Lakeside Farms.  It only got better from there, with breaks of sun appearing as we wound our way toward and through Ballston Spa and back to the cars.  It was a pleasant 30 miles with lots of conversation, and we were glad we hadn't given up on what looked like an unlikely biking day.

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