Thursday, June 24, 2010

Biking - SWC Thursday Night Beer and Pizza Ride

Since I won't be attending next week's ride, this was my last SWC ride of the season. Tonight's ride was on pleasant roads in Glenville, starting out with a climb up Snake Hill, Closson, and Ridge Roads, and generally flat or downhill from there.

With my touring bike now on its way to the west coast, I was on the old 10-speed again. The climbs were tougher than they would have been on the other bike, but I was still near the front of the pack on all the climbs. I also seemed to have more energy or strength than usual tonight, and was able to really keep up the pace better than on some of these rides. These Thursday night rides always seem to push a higher pace than I usually like, but tonight I was as guilty as anybody. Beer, a great assortment of pizzas, and lots of conversation afterwards made for a nice evening out.

Next week's ride is a bit far afield, and I have a 6 am flight to Portland the next morning, so will be skipping that one. Will try to get in a few more rides next week, maybe including another longer hilly one, before leaving for the west coast on Friday 7/2.

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