Sunday, June 20, 2010

Biking, Mini-golf, and Gutter Repair

It was a hot sticky Father's Day, and I enjoyed a low-key day. I watched Lance Armstrong finish 2nd in the Tour de Suisse, did some cleaning up around the house, and then went over to Holly's house to seal up some drippy gutters and then go for a bike ride. There's a mini-golf and ice cream place a short ride from her house, and we enjoy going there for both offerings. When I got home, I watched the end of the US Open golf tournament, had dinner, and enjoyed a phone call from daughter #1. As soon as the house cools down, I'll be calling it a night.

The biggest thing I got done this weekend is that the bike and gear are all packed and ready for shipment to the West Coast on Tuesday. This whole dream is finally starting to seem real, and it's a little hard to believe it's all happening.

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  1. Were the gutters fine after you sealed the leaks? Gutters have to be checked on regular basis to avoid clogs as well. Lance was an inspiration for bikers and non-bikers alike for his strong will and fighting spirit. It’s just sad that he retired from competitive cycling last year.

    Richard Boles