Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Biking - Another river loop

Today looked like the one good morning this week, so I needed to get out for a ride. On last Thursday night's hilly ramble, I noticed that I was having trouble shifting the rear derailleur into the lowest gears. I failed to check the reason when I got home, but remembered to look today before I set out on the ride. The problem was that the end of the derailleur cable housing was shredding and fraying, causing the shifting problem. This was not a good thing to take out on another hilly ride, so I changed my plans from the Grant Hill loop to another flat river ride. Again, I never shifted on this ride, muscling up the minor rollers, and getting in a good ride. I'll try to replace the short piece of housing this afternoon to get me thought the rest of the season, and replace all cables on the old bike this winter.

The good bike and baggage are getting picked up this afternoon for shipment to the West Coast.

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