Friday, December 4, 2009

Walk - J. B. Thacher State Park

Today was quite a bit cooler than yesterday, but not as cool as it's about to get. And since the sun was out and not a bad day, I decided to go for a walk, having had enough biking in the past few days. I usually visit John Boyd Thacher State Park a couple of times every year, when I need a quick dose of scenery not far from home. Today, I headed to the northern end of the park. Starting near the park office, I walked north on the Long Path until I reached the end of the park proper, near the northernmost parking area. Then I made a loop by walking back to the car along the edge of the Helderberg Escarpment, with views far and wide.

The views from this northern part of the park are a refreshing change from the usual views seen from the drive-in overlooks. I found these birches clinging to the talus slope below the escarpment cliffs.

After the heavy rains of a few days ago, the trails were soggy and wet, and the streams were running high, including Mine Lot Falls as it plunged over the edge above the Indian Ladder Trail.

All told, I probably walked a little over 2 miles, with many stops on the way back along the cliff top to take pictures and admire the views.

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