Monday, December 7, 2009

Hiking, Geocaching - Moreau Lake State Park

Holly and I took a break from Christmas today, and went hiking in the snowy woods of Moreau Lake State Park, south of Glens Falls. The park is closed for the season, and deer season ended in this area this past weekend, so it was a good time to get out. We had to park near the park office at the entrance, since all interior roads were closed. We walked along the lake on our way to the start of the Moreau Overlook Trail, down beyond the beach in this picture.

Leaving the lake, we started a 0.86-mile 800-foot climb to Moreau Overlook, picking off two easy geocaches along the way. The overlook has grown in somewhat since our last visit, and the lake below is barely visible through the trees. It was also a cloudy murky sort of day, so the distant views weren't that great either.

We descended via the Red Oak Ridge Trail, finding one more geocache on our way back down. I've long since stopped logging these in at - the real fun is in the finding. Overall, we covered about 3-4 miles by the time we got back to the car.

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