Monday, May 18, 2009

Golf - Whispering Pines GC

It's a cool and cloudy day, and I still haven't quite recovered from all of last week's activities, so golf seemed like a good idea for the day. Hillcrest was closed when I arrived, so I headed for Whispering Pines and its 18 par 3s. Things started out pretty ugly, but then I settled down and wound up with a decent score.


  • 3 birdies, the first of the year
  • 5 pars
  • Short game was much improved, as was putting (in general)
  • 3 triple and 3 double bogeys
  • 4 3-putts
Despite the problems, it was the 3rd best round relative to par and course difficulty since I restarted the game last year. Consistency, as always, was the issue of the day...

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