Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Biking - Schenectady to Schoharie Crossing

We're expecting a sunny dry week ahead, and today was the first of many nice days to come. I realized that after the Lake George ride last week, I had made some repairs to the rear shifting on the old 10-speed, but had never taken it for a test ride after I was done. Since I want to use it for tomorrow evening's Ride of Silence in Albany, it seemed like a good idea to be sure all was now well with it.

I wanted a long-ish ride, but flat and with some kind of destination. Riding the bike path from Schenectady to Schoharie Crossing, and having lunch at Karen's Produce and Ice Cream, would give me a little over 44 mostly flat miles r/t, and would be a good test of the bike.

As it turned out, the rear shifting worked flawlessly now. I threw the chain once on a front upshift, but s**t happens, so no big deal. I still can't get the seat tight enough to prevent the tilt changing when I hit bumps, but this is my spare bike, it's old, and it will have to do.

It was a pleasant casual ride and a good lunch on a beautiful day. More miles to come...

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