Friday, May 15, 2009

Biking - Mariaville/Esperance/Duanesburg Loop

The regular SWC Thursday night ride was rained out last night, and today was sunny and calm, with temps expected in the low 70s. I pulled out one of my favorite rides, climbing to Mariaville, continuing to Esperance, and returning to Duanesburg via US20. From there, it's a screamer of a downhill down NY7 back to Rotterdam. All told, it's 43.7 miles and 2300+ feet of climbing, with the corresponding downhills providing nice breaks.

I stopped in Mariaville after the big climb and had a danish at the store there before continuing on. The Stewart's Shop in Esperance was the lunch stop, and from there I just continued on home. I found out I don't quite have my climbing legs yet, but it was a good ride which I'll probably do again this year.

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