Sunday, May 24, 2009

Biking - Lydius/Old State/Kings Loop

After a couple of days devoted to yard work and various "deferred maintenance" items around the house, I needed to get out for a ride. The threat of storms this afternoon blew over, and I had a few hours available, so I did another of my "bread-and-butter" rides, a 16-mile loop from my front door.

Despite the appearance of the profile, the elevation changes are minimal, aside from one hill in the middle of the ride. I rode the loop counter-clockwise this time, the opposite of my normal routine, so that hill was bigger than usual. A couple miles from the end, I stopped for ice cream at the newly reopened Highbridge Twist, a benefit of doing the route in this direction. All told, it was a little over 16 miles, and at a pretty good 15.4 mph average clip, despite the winds.

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