Thursday, August 14, 2008

Golf - Hillcrest GC

A cloudy morning, but blue skies were poking through, so I decided to get in a 9-hole round. I should have stayed home. Most days, I seem to have one or two bad holes that ruin every round. Today, I went to the opposite extreme, having only one GOOD hole. I maybe had one decent shot on most of the 9 holes, but the rest was horrendous, with several unplayable lies, an out-of-bounds, a lost ball, and a few 3-putts thrown in for good measure. The one "good" hole was a scrambling par with a 10-foot putt to save it, after messing up all the way to that point. I won't even bother with the usual highlights and lowlights this time. It just wasn't a very good round. 62 indeed...

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