Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Canoeing - Nine-Cornered Lake

We've been to 9-Cornered Lake many times before, and always remarked how nice it would be to get a canoe in there. In the past, we've packed in an inflatable 2-man boat and seen part of the lake, but those things are really difficult to steer, especially in the wind. And the lake really is aptly named - there are countless nooks and crannies we've never visited before. So, today, I carried Holly's 38-pound Kevlar canoe and she carried the paddles and PFDs, and we did it. It's about 0.9 miles from the road, all uphill, but it really wasn't too bad. And it was worth every step. We covered every corner, and even found some islands way back in the north bay we'd never visited before. Very nice lake, and extremely clear.

It's also a very popular swimming hole, with a rope swing and nice swimming area. These guys were going off the swing, and also diving off this rock, much to their mother's chagrin.

We passed a couple of dozen people, mostly teens, on their way in as we were heading out, most of them quite surprised to see an overhead canoe coming down the trail.

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