Friday, November 9, 2012

Walk - Bike path in Rotterdam Junction

I've been feeling sluggish lately, just not getting enough real exercise.  Oh sure, I've been getting out walking various places, and the weekly disc golf is OK.  But those are fairly mild, and not much of a workout. 

Last winter, in the absence of snow for XC skiing, I started doing 4-5 mile walks on the ice-free bike path, at a very brisk pace for about an hour or so.  These turned out to be a good cardio workout, and a good substitute for biking in the cold, which just didn't seem very appealing.  So today I fell back on that experience and went for a fast walk from Rotterdam Kiwanis Park to Scrafford Lane, where the bike path comes to a dead end, and back to the car.  The signs say that's 5 miles round trip, but I think it's more like about 4.3, and it's a nice place to walk along the old Erie Canal.

There's lots of traffic noise here from the Thruway above, and an occasional train whistle, also from nearby.  But it's usually not crowded at all, and that means ducks, herons, and even the possibility of beavers who are definitely working hard out here.  Despite the noise, it's a scenic spot, and I enjoyed the briskness of both the walk and the stiff breezes that were blowing.

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