Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trail maintenance and construction - Hennig Preserve

Yesterday, I joined a group of volunteers who've been building and maintaining trails in the Hennig Preserve, a Saratoga PLAN property in the Town of Providence, near Lake Nancy and just south of the Adirondack Blue Line.

We were working yesterday on a new trail in the adjacent Homestead County Forest, shown in purple above.  Trails here will connect to those in the Hennig Preserve, creating a nearly 10-mile trail network.

The new trail had previously been flagged and mostly roughed out, so yesterday we were cleaning up some rough edges and breaking through a few sections that were still not cleared at all.  It should now be almost ready to be formally marked and opened for general use.  This will be a very nice trail when completed, following Cadman Creek (Lake Nancy's outlet), with views of beaver dams, remains of former sawmills, and this very nice waterfall where we stopped for lunch.

I hope to spend more time with this kind of local trail work, especially after next year when we give up our adopted section of the Northville-Lake Placid Trail much farther north, after 20 years of maintaining it.


  1. Beautiful hiking trails for all levels, enjoy the new benches put in place 11/12/12 to rest on.

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