Monday, January 2, 2012

Disc golf and another local walk, before the cold arrives

With no snow on the ground, temps in the 30s, and no disc golf lately through these crazy holidays, I was itching to get out again. So I braved the cold gusty winds and headed to Central Park to play a couple of rounds. Now, it should be obvious that strong winds have quite an impact on one's ability to control a flying disc, and that was indeed the case today. I threw a couple of 76s, well worse than average, and I can at least partially blame the winds. Many shots sailed away in odd directions despite my best efforts, and I visited parts of the course where I'd never been before. But I wasn't the only fool out there. A five-some was starting on #1 as I was starting my final nine at #10. If you build it, they will come. And they do.

This afternoon, Holly and I got out for another local walk in the Lisha Kill Preserve, in Niskayuna. It was much sloppier going than it had been a few weeks ago when I was there, but many other people were also out enjoying the muddy trails. We covered all three loops at a leisurely pace, and then went our separate ways to take care of other things.

Tomorrow, a cold front will drop temperatures significantly, into the single digits overnight on Tuesday. That should improve the mud situation, but a thick coating of the white stuff is also badly needed.

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