Thursday, January 19, 2012

A brisk walk on a brisk afternoon

It was a sunny day, but still no local skiable snow, so I got out for a walk instead. I've been doing these hour-long 4-mile walks on the bike path lately, and as long as the way is clear of snow and ice, it's pretty good exercise.

It was cool and breezy with temps only in the mid-20s, but the sun made for a nice afternoon to be outside. I headed for the Rotterdam section of the Mohawk River Bike Path, but found it still covered by patches of snow and ice. That would never do for the fast pace that I wanted. Then I remembered that Colonie and Niskayuna to the east sometimes plowed their sections of the bike path, so drove over that way instead. I wound up walking from the Niskayuna Train Station in Lions Park to the bridge over Shakers Creek, just short of Forts Ferry Road, and a 2-mile walk each way. I didn't see another soul the whole time, and enjoyed the solitude and river scenery. It wasn't as good as XC skiing, but at this point, beggars can't be choosers when it comes to local outdoor exercise in the absence of snow.


  1. Hi Rich,
    I'm an avid xcountry skier and enjoy reading your updates. Any recommendations for a place to ski in the capital region and surrounding area this weekend? I'm looking for somewhere to bring my dog. Will rockwood be decent?
    Mat Kane

    1. Mat, I think Rockwood maybe only got 2-3", while Lapland Lake got more. From what I saw at Rockwood, earlier in the week, it needs more than 2-3" before I'd go back there. Having said that, it might still be your best bet nearby if you want to take your dog (and please clean up after it).