Monday, September 12, 2011

Disc golf - And a much-needed walk in Central Park

After yesterday's bicycling fiasco, I wanted to take it easy today, but also wanted to get out for at least a walk, to loosen up the aching legs. As I pondered a suitable destination, I decided that disc golf was a good solution, giving me about a mile per round on gentle terrain, and close to home. The Central Park course is much less likely to be crowded now that school is back in session, since many of the players I saw over the summer were of school age.

Central Park has been largely cleared of any earlier storm damage. The exception is the tennis stadium, which still has several large trees leaning on and crushing the surrounding fence. These don't affect the disc golf course, and all blowdowns that did interfere have now been removed. I played 2 rounds, both about average, with a few bright spots, and a few curses, as always. The legs felt OK, so I'm planning to go hiking tomorrow. More on that when I return.

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