Sunday, September 25, 2011

Biking - the four Thruways ride

It's been a slow year on the bike, a combination of burnout/low motivation, an overabundance of rainy wet weather, and just wanting to do some other things. I can't count last year, but for the two previous years, I spent about 100 days each in the saddle. This year? Only 50 so far. So today, I wanted to just get out for a ride, an easy relaxed long-ish ride, just for its own sake and the enjoyment of it.

I have just such a ride mapped from my house: 30 miles and only 800 feet of total climbing.

I call it the "4 Thruways ride" because it crosses I-90, the NYS Thruway, four times in the process of looping back and forth to add on some miles. It's a good alternative to the flat local riverside routes, either on a weekend when they're more crowded, or in this case, since they're still recovering from the flood damage of a few weeks ago.

I planned to take it easy and just enjoy the ride, and was a little surprised to see my overall average speed come out higher than usual. Guess that proves I'm well-rested...

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