Monday, October 11, 2010

Hiking - Lenox Mountain, Lenox, MA

I'm glad I got home in time to enjoy fall in the northeast. I would have really missed that.

Today, Holly and I climbed a small mountain in the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, between Pittsfield and Lenox, MA, a short drive from home. There are plenty of trails here, but we chose the "Trail of the Ledges" for its purported views and destination atop Lenox Mountain. On the way up, we came to the aptly named "Farviews" viewpoint.

Continuing on to the summit, at 2,126 feet, we had great views to the west and northwest, with Richmond Pond directly below.

A family we met on the summit told us about another viewpoint a little further north on the ridge, so we spent the 15-20 minutes to take that one in as well. That's Mt. Greylock in the center, and Pittsfield to its right.

Descending, we followed the Overbrook and Bluebird Trails back to the car. There were many small waterfalls as we descended back to the valley, as well as some very large white pines. We probably covered about 4 miles total on a beautiful October afternoon.

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