Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Biking - Grant Hill Loop

Got all the Delaware sand cleaned off the bike, and headed out for my first ride since returning home. I decided to climb Grant Hill, and see how that felt with new legs and no baggage. The big difference I noticed while riding was that if I gave the pedals a little extra kick, the bike actually accelerated immediately, instead of sluggishly as it did when loaded. I wonder what a 15-pound carbon bike would feel like?

Grant Hill Road seemed like nothing, and I was up it with 3 cogs to spare. Back in June before I left, I'd needed 2 of those cogs to get to the top comfortably with only one to spare.

I didn't extend the ride, because I'm having a few minor rear brake problems I need to address, so headed directly home through French's Hollow, for about 21 miles total. It felt good to be riding on another spectacular fall day, especially with rain coming in for the next few days.

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