Sunday, March 28, 2010

Biking - Too long out of the saddle

Wow - a whole week of nothing! The weather's been kinda lousy for any outdoor fun this week, with cold temps, rain, and even a dusting of snow. I did get the yard raked, put in a few hours of paid consulting time, and did some more trip planning, but nothing in the way of exercise. I kept rejecting day after day as just not the kind of day I'd want to be out biking. But today, I decided I needed to JFDI, despite the weather.

Temps were only in the 40s, and the wind was howling out of the southeast at 20-25mph, so the southeast-bound leg down Kings Road was something akin to hell. Coming back west along Old State was much better, and I made up for lost time sailing with the tailwind. It wasn't a pretty day, but I was out and that was what mattered.

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  1. Biked to church and got pummeled by the wind along the Mohawk in Halfmoon/Clifton Park