Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Biking - Mohawk River Loop

This whole week is promising sunny days in the 50s, so it's time to put away the skis (temporarily?) and start getting in some bike miles. Today was the first day this season that I got out the good bike that I'll be riding cross-country later this year. I had done the usual winter disassembly/overhaul/reassembly routine, and needed to get it out for a test ride. In case any tweaks were needed, I figured the side of the bike path would be better than the side of a busy road, so I went with this old standby that I tend to ride way too often.

The only minor problem I noted was a squealy front brake pad, but that's one of those fussy things that no amount of tweaking may solve. The rear brake was much better adjusted than last year, and dead quiet, so no big deal. Overall, the bike was smooth, silent, and a real pleasure to ride. Here's a screen capture of the route from RideWithGPS.com:

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