Friday, January 1, 2010

Walking, Geocaching - Sanders Preserve

We got another inch of new snow overnight, so at least everything looks like winter, even if we can't do much with it yet. We went for a walk this afternoon in the Sanders Preserve, in Glenville. There were 4 geocaches there that we haven't done that made a nice loop, so we tried those as well. The trails were covered with an inch or two of new snow, so the walking was much improved over the earlier crunchiness we found everywhere we went, but there was still clearly not enough snow for skiing. There were lots of washouts, bare spots, and exposed rocks and roots, so walking is still the best outdoor activity around here.

We found the first 2 geocaches easily, but it appeared the third might be buried in snow and we chose not to go blindly digging for it. The 4th turned out to be a longer walk than we wanted today, so we left it for another time.

More nuisance snow expected over the weekend, but that's about all.

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