Sunday, March 8, 2009

Geocaching - Guilderland/Rotterdam

Several weeks ago, we went looking for some local geocaches, mostly without success. Today was another partly sunny day in the 50s, so we decided to try again, this time with a list of 3. At the first stop, there were muggles about, so we moved on to the second. We found this one immediately, signed in, and moved on to the third. This one is still problematic, as it was on our last attempt. There is a large pile of rocks with WAAAAY too many possible nooks and crannies, even after narrowing down the location. After chatting with some friendly dog-walking muggles, we gave up and just went for a walk in the park instead. On the way home, we stopped at #1 again, and nobody was in the area. We made a beeline to the "part 1" we had found weeks ago, looked at it more closely, and found the clue to head for part 2, which we then found. So it was 2 out of 3 this time, and we've about given up hope on that other one.

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