Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Biking - Clifton Park, Jonesville, Malta

Some friends from the Taconic Hiking Club were doing a leisurely bike ride today, so I decided to join them. These rides are usually in the 25-40 mile range, with a lunch stop somewhere in the middle, usually at a Stewart's Shop, which are pretty ubiquitous around here.

I finished the winter maintenance on the Trek 520 yesterday, and today would be the test ride - fingers crossed for no major issues! It was a sunny day, and temps were in the 30s when we started, reaching the mid 50s by early afternoon. The route was fairly flat overall, and we just had a meandering chatty ride. The only minor issues with the bike were a slight rear wheel wobble (needs truing), and a slack chain when backpedaling in higher gear ratios. Not sure about that one, but will lube the derailleur and maybe loosen the torque on the cassette lockring. All told, the bike performed very well, and it was a good ride, with little traffic and good conversation. We covered 28.48 miles in about 4 hours, including a relaxed lunch break.

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