Sunday, January 25, 2009

XC Skiing, Snowshoeing - Schenectady County Forest

Headed up to the Schenectady County Forest this afternoon, not knowing quite what to expect after Friday's mini-thaw. We took both skis and snowshoes just to be sure. Starting from the parking lot on skis, it quickly became clear that the trail would be well-traveled and hard-packed, but for how far was an unknown. We decided to use snowshoes instead, and walked the longest loop for about an hour. The northern half was much less traveled, except by yet another inconsiderate boob who had post-holed the whole way in bare boots. We met one skier who also mentioned this issue. As we got around to the southern part of the loop, it was well-packed by snowshoes, and wouldn't have been very good skiing anyway. We need some more local snow and cold temperatures to get things back to an enjoyable state for skiing.

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